foto_polakovic Igor Polakovič
Centrum pre filantropiu (SK)

Igor has lived in the world of nonprofits for the last 22 years. Most of the time he worked in various Greenpeace offices. At the end of the century he helped expand fundraising activities in Central and Eastern Europe. His latest “green” path led to New Zealand, a country of four million, where in two years he helped double the size of the Face to Face program to more than 20,000 new regular donors annually. He participated in the largest mass mobilization campaign in the country’s history, during which he realized that for a really good campaign, communications and fundraising to bring results, each part of the organization must pull together effectively.

After returning to Slovakia Igor has taken on a role of a fundraising “evangelist”, inspiring other organizations to invest energy into finding individual donors. Igor is the initiator and administrator of the DARUJME (Let’s Give) system ​​which is a non-profit payment gateway for online donations, powered by servers. Today, the system is used by more than a hundred of Slovak organizations.

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