Raising Millennial Fundraisers

Building a “creative team” that comes up with taglines and visuals and ideas that other people (clients) pay for is quite like building a “fundraiser team” that other people (donors) give money to. Team members need to understand people as “consumers and audiences and donors” and how they respond to messages. They need to be motivated, and they need to truly, passionately believe in what they do. To build and sustain a successful team, leaders must spark that fire in their belly.

But that’s not always so easy when you’re trying to build a young team of “modern zealots.” Today’s millennial workforce can be a distracted bunch. And hard-headed. But that’s a good thing – if you know how to harness it. A changing world means that we need to rethink the status quo and how organisations connect with their donors and supporters. These talented young people are great at figuring things out. There’s a new human insight somewhere that the social impact sector hasn’t dug out yet. Building a team of millennials means letting them know they might just be the ones to discover it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand what motivates younger fundraisers,
  • Apply a new set of incentives for partners and associates,
  • Keeping a system running on “intangibles”.

This workshop is mainly designed for:

  • Directors, managers, team leaders and anyone working with people.

Location: Date: 13 October 2017 Time: 09:00 - 10:30 foto_csáki Roland Csáki
WWF International (HU)