MASTERCLASS: Making Mobile Work For Fundraising I.

We spend more time on our phones with Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Tinder, than with our friends and family. We depend on our phones for friendship and dating, as well shopping, navigating, entertainment, and so much more. Big tech dominates our screens, but if your NGO could win a little space on that little screen, how could you build a relationship with your supporters and acquire and retain more of them? In this session you will get ideas on:

  • How to make your organization “mobile first” to better take advantage of your donors’ almost 24-hour connectivity, with a focus on: channels that work (and those that don’t); the importance of conversion; how to use mobile as a gateway to social engagement; and integrating mobile into your multi-channel fundraising and communications program.
  • How NGOs across the globe are using mobile to identify people who will support them with a monthly donation.
  • How Facebook Live and Facebook Donate have been used to raise millions of dollars in the USA for organizations like the ACLU and Children’s Miracle Network.
  • Which emerging technologies and payment methods to keep an eye on (and maybe experiment with).

We’ll look at case studies from the Humane Society of the United States, the Human Rights Campaign, Cancer Research UK, Oxfam UK, Greenpeace, NGOs from Central and Eastern Europe and other NGOs and corporations who are using mobile to build their supporter bases and acquire and retain new donors. And we’ll form small teams to design campaigns for our organizations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Planning a “mobile first” strategy for your organization.
  • How to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, and SMS into your fundraising.
  • Making your organization easy to use on mobile phones.

Who should attend:

Anyone dealing with digital fundraising and communications because digital = mobile = social.

Masterclass Nick Allen

Fundraising from the many
Location: Date: 9 October 2018 Time: 14:30 - 16:00 Nick Allen
Open America (US)