Better Donor Relations

In this workshop, we will cover excellence in relationships – with donors, colleagues and teams. We believe that understanding yourself makes it easier to understand others and influence donor behavior in an ethical way.

With participants we will explore how a person is the result of his/her background, a cultural group, gender, ‘chosen’ identity, nationality, LGBTI, religion, being differently-abled or part of any other group. This will be followed by an interactive game to help make it easier to understand this information. We will explain how we can use this knowledge in fundraising and enhance relationships with our donors.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will gain greater knowledge and understanding of relationships, including donor relationships. They will learn to recognize the key themes in building togetherness and affinity between people – between a fundraiser and donor, between colleagues, and between online communities. Participants will also learn to understand and acquire the tools needed to deal with, the differences between people and difficulties which can arise from them.

Who should attend:

All fundraisers are welcome.

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