MASTERCLASS: Major Gifts & Major Campaigns: The Art And Science Of Success – Part 1


After almost 20 years of doing major gifts and major donor campaigns, at home and abroad, Tony Myers is more dedicated than ever to the concept of the Disciplined Campaign©.

His motto: “Do it once, do it right” echoes in the ears of fundraisers on five continents. He has found success among those who practice both the “art and science” of major gifts and major donor campaigns.

Part 1: The Science and Discipline of a “Systems Approach” (90 min)

Most of us have heard about those huge multi-million dollar gifts that “other” charities get – news stories followed by questions from our bosses asking why we didn’t get “that” gift.  Behind the news stories of huge gifts are the stories of disciplined activity.  They are stories of focused efforts.  They are stories of hard work, diligence and persistence, but more than anything they are stories based on a “systems approach” – and yes, sometimes luck.

Join Tony Myers as he shares with you the full systems approach to major donor fundraising and major campaigns and why it has worked for charities around the world.

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine if your organization is ready for major gifts and major campaigns,
  • Learn about the science and discipline of a systems approach,
  • Discover the unique characteristics of a variety of different kinds of major donor campaigns.

Part 2

Masterclass Tony Myers

Fundraising from the few
Location: Date: 11 October 2017 Time: 14:30 - 16:00 Tony Myers
Myers & Associates (CA)