MASTERCLASS: Ride A Tiger! How To Raise €5.5 Million A Year Without A Strategic Plan And Enjoy It – Part 1


I love fundraising. I once told a friend: “It’s like riding on the back of a falling tiger. Or surfing a big wave.” There are countless opportunities for fundraisers in the CEE region compared to overcrowded western fundraising markets and it’s down to each of us to catch the right wave or the right tiger.

Last year, People in Need (PIN) raised €5.5 million from private sources with a return on investment (ROI) of 1:15. The backbone of PIN fundraising are regular donors, donor recruitment and donor care – and the organization keeps growing every year. In 10 years, the amount of regular donors has grown from 1,800 to 23,000 and this year the organization expects to receive €3 million in regular donations.

During this interactive masterclass Tomáš will share with you the key elements behind this remarkable success. He will show you several campaigns that have been run by People in Need and talk about their donor cycle and successful lead generation. Tomáš will also discuss their work with major donors and in the field of legacy giving and explain why the organisation does not have a strategic plan. He will also identify potential obstacles to you being successful and together you will try to find solutions to omnipresent problems.

Come and take part in this inspiring masterclass full of information and experience sharing. Learn from great fundraisers in our region and together explore the market opportunities that lie ahead of you and discover the recipe for your own success.

Learning outcomes:

  • You will be shown the overall approach taken by one of the most successful fundraising teams in the Czech Republic and CEE,
  • Most successful fundraising methods and techniques in this field,
  • New ideas to improve your fundraising.

This masterclass is mainly designed for:

  • Beginner fundraisers,
  • Leaders of fundraising teams,
  • Fundraising experts who want to grow.

Part 2

Masterclass Tomáš Vyhnálek

Fundraising from the few Fundraising from the many
Location: Date: 11 October 2017 Time: 14:30 - 16:00 Tomáš Vyhnálek
People in Need (CZ)