MASTERCLASS: Behavioural Economics: The Future Of Fundraising Science I.

Behavioural economics is an exciting new area of science. It draws on a number of areas to explore the process by which we make decisions. Conventional economics tells us that people are rational. Behavioural economics tells us people believe they are rational but in fact are irrational. Daniel Kahnemann first codified it in his groundbreaking book Thinking Fast and Slow which helped him win the Nobel Prize.

This masterclass looks at how we can apply this thinking to fundraising: face-to-face, online or in print. During the session you’ll take part in a number of experiments designed to prove that you too can have your ability to make judgments altered – and shown that you can apply this to other people to support your cause, the level of gift they give you, or even the way they decide to interact.

Learning outcomes:

In an entertaining and interesting session we will look at:

  • The background to behavioural economics and decision making science,
  • System one and system two decision-making,
  • The key rules or heuristics that informed decision-making,
  • Case studies of how charities have used this information,
  • The chance to practice in your own setting.

We will also look at the ethical implications of decision making science – the idea that you can “change behaviour without changing minds.’

This masterclass is mainly for:

  • Experienced fundraisers – 3+ years – with an interest in individual giving

Masterclass Bernard Ross

Fundraising from the many
Location: Date: 14 October 2015 Time: 14:30 - 16:00 foto_ross Bernard Ross
the management centre (UK)