10 Ways To Start A Legacy Program

Cash-strapped, acquisition costs keep increasing, and struggling to find a solution to engage supporters at a higher level. What is a fundraiser to do? You may have heard of legacies (gifts in wills) and ever wondered how you can quickly and simply start a programme. This fast-paced session will share ten quick and easy tactics to help you launch a legacy programme, no matter what size organization you serve.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to identify prospective legacy donors;
  • Learn about low to no-cost ways to get a legacy programme off the ground;
  • Ways to inspire and engage with donors through legacy messaging.

Who should attend:

  • Professionals looking to further engage with their older donors;
  • Board members and senior management concerned with diversifying their fundraising portfolio.

Suggested level of audience:

  • Beginner – regardless of the size of the organisation.

Fundraising from the few
Location: Date: 12 October 2023 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 Ligia Peña
GlobetrottingFundraiser (CA)