Corporate Fundraising & Non-Profit Organizations Partnerships 101

Would you like to raise more funds and brand awareness for your non-profit organization (NPO)? We will discuss the benefits and challenges of corporate fundraising in CEE and focus on several smart and friendly case studies, which could have a high ROI on your budget and raise awareness for your cause.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understanding key findings with regard to corporate fundraising partnerships in CEE;
  2. Why & How should your NPO partner with business? Why should a business partner with your NPO? What kind of corporate partnership is best?
  3. Analysis of your NPO’s readiness and capacity to create, expand and sustain corporate fundraising relationships.
  4. Best practices and proven successful corporate fundraising case studies and partnerships.
  5. Each participant to craft their own “next steps” for their NPO’s corporate fundraising plan based on the sessions’ discussion.

Who should attend:

Fundraisers who want to increase their organization’s funds, mission awareness and brand by building partnerships with corporations.

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