Ethics J-E-O-P-A-R-D-Y!

Ethics is not just a game, but we can certainly have fun while learning!

Fundraisers are generally good and honest individuals, but ethics does have a sneaky grey area that trips up the best and brightest professionals. In this turbo-charged, exciting power session, you will have the chance to brush up on the fundamentals of ethical best practices and professional standards while at the same time, having a ridiculously good time.

This session turns traditional ethics sessions on its head and adopts the format of a game show (like Jeopardy) to challenge participants to learn the fundamentals of our sector’s code of ethics. So, come and join Ligia in this energized and fun game of Ethics Jeopardy and be ready to sound your buzzer!

Learning outcomes:

  • Review and better understand internationally agreed upon Code of Ethical Standards;
  • Discuss and exchange on how to handle ethical grey zones;
  • Share solutions and approaches to addressing ethical grey zones.

Who should attend:

  • Professionals looking to fine-tune their ethical radar;
  • Board members and senior management concerned with maintaining a high level of ethical integrity.

Suggested level of audience:

  • All levels.


Leading and managing
Location: Date: 12 October 2023 Time: 17:00 - 18:00 Ligia Peña
GlobetrottingFundraiser (CA)