How To Create A Digital Fundraising Culture

During this session, Bertie will provide a step-by-step methodology to help you strengthen your internal digital fundraising culture. He will focus on 3 core areas: culture, governance, and technology. He will be using examples from local and international organizations he has helped over the past 10 years to:

  • Assess their digital maturity,
  • Improve their governance and processes,
  • Audit their tools and use of data,
  • Plan cross-organizational journeys,
  • Optimize results and share learnings.

Bertie will share a range of practical templates to help you start/continue your digital journey.

During the conference, Bertie will be available for 15-30 minutes “digital surgery” sessions to answer specific questions about digital governance, fundraising tactics, email automation, donation platforms analytics and reporting.

Learning outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the importance of a strong digital culture.
  • Tools to deploy robust governance and user-centred journeys.
  • Demystification of the complexity of digital fundraising.

Who should attend:

  • Organizations new to digital fundraising or keen to maximize opportunities.

Rethinking strategy
Location: Date: 13 October 2022 Time: 11:00 - 12:30 Bertie Bosrédon
NGO Digital Consultant (ES)