IMPACT BOOTCAMP: A Three Part Series Of Sessions To Equip You For Your Impact Measurement Journey – Part 3


A BootCamp is an intensive and immersive training programme designed to provide practical skills and knowledge in a specific field within a relatively short period of time. It aims to equip participants with practical skills and real-world experience that can be quickly applied in practice or the workplace.

This BootCamp consists of 90+ minutes x 3 sessions, including theory, practice, tools, and application of the tool as an exercise in each session:

  1. Impact Essentials: Why impact is critical to your fundraising strategy (Exercise – Theory of Change as a Results Framework)
  2. Measuring Impact: The importance of delivering on your promises to your stakeholders (Exercise – Impact Measurement Framework)
  3. Amplifying Impact: Turning your impact into assets mobilising talent, funds, and your team (Exercise – Case for Support/Reporting Framework)

Format: Each session will be divided into three parts, following this structure – all content will be presented using PowerPoint, including videos and other materials, and questions will be submitted via Mentimeter.

  • Theory, Practice + Case Study: This part will introduce the topic, provide definitions, and showcase practical applications. Whenever possible, a successful case study will be presented, accompanied by videos and graphics.
  • Group Exercise: Participants will be introduced to a tool and given the opportunity to work on it individually or in groups, depending on the size of the group. Active support will be provided to the groups throughout the exercise.
  • Presentation & Discussion: Either through volunteers or by selection, participants will have the chance to present their work. The extent of presentations will be determined by the available time, with the aim of stimulating group discussions.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the life cycle and key concepts associated with impact management and measurement (IMM), shared value, and jobs-to-be-done, and why they are important tools for fundraising strategy and practice.
  • Learning how to employ the Theory of Change as a process, an approach, and a product to guide strategic planning and communicate how change is achieved by prioritising outcomes.
  • Understanding how strategic concepts such as shared value and jobs-to-be-done contribute to meaningful impact performance to prove and improve impact over time.
  • Recognising and integrating Impact Management and Measurement approaches and practices into organizational management.
  • Applying IMM in practice for strategic planning and program design, consensus-building, and as a communication tool to build stakeholder confidence.
  • Exercising impact management and measurement in the context of fundraising to demonstrate delivery on your promises, exercise accountability, and facilitate learning and improved results over time.

Who should attend:

  • Executive Directors/Board Members,
  • Fundraising Directors/Leaders,
  • Programme Leaders.

Suggested level of audience:

  • The session will progress from beginner level to intermediate level, with some advanced concepts introduced in discussions.

BootCamp Colin Habberton

Leading and managing
Location: Date: 11/10/2023 Time: 17:00 - 18:30 Colin Habberton
Relativ Group (ZA)