Learning Lessons From Political Fundraising And Campaigning In The USA

The American political system has a history of producing amazing digital campaigns that have successfully engaged the public at scale, raised millions of dollars and mobilized millions of citizens to take action. These are lessons that charities can learn and apply to their fundraising programs.

This session will outline the key principles of building big digital movements and tell the story of Bernie 2016. It will also share other examples from the USA, including the incredible fundraising performance of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which raised huge sums of money in the aftermath of Trump’s election.

Zuzana Suchová will show how she embedded the key principles of these campaigns into Zuzana Čaputová’s successful presidential campaign here in Slovakia.

Learning outcomes:

Attendees will leave with a deep understanding of what drove the success of these three campaigns as well as practical examples they can apply to their own organization’s fundraising strategy.

Who should attend:

Anyone who wants to learn from, and be inspired by, successful US political fundraising and campaigning activities.

Fundraising from the many Getting your message across
Location: Date: 10 October 2019 Time: 13:30 - 15:00 Paul de Gregorio
Rally (GB)
Zuzana Suchová
SAVIO/Cvernovka Foundation (SK)