MASTERCLASS: Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way: How To Be A Better Leader In A Time Of Profound Change – Part 1

The number one issue facing the NGO sector today is leadership. And if you’re like most of us you are experiencing new leadership challenges in your organization. The pandemic has called on all of us to lead in new ways, with new understanding and new skills. And even as the pandemic winds down, the challenges persist and become even more complex.

So, what are the issues today? How do we address them? What do we need to do to grow leadership in ourselves? How do we address the critical leadership issues in our organizations? What new skills and abilities do we need to adopt? What proven leadership skills and abilities do we need to refine and apply?

Join two professionals, representing both sides of the Atlantic, reflecting the views of two genders and two different generations as they take you on a leadership journey to heighten your awareness and perception of how to thrive and survive as leaders in a time of unprecedented change. They will challenge you, engage you, make you think and help you prepare for 2023 and beyond.

For 35 years, Tony has advised NGO leaders in organizations undergoing change, on 6 continents around the world. For 17 years, Konstantina has confronted leadership challenges in Europe as a fundraising professional, and today helps numerous others benefit from her experience.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the 6 primary leadership challenges facing NGOs today,
  • Articulate the primary leadership qualities that will help you succeed – exercise,
  • Learn how to deal with leadership challenges in your NGO – presentation,
  • Create a plan of action that can make a difference for you and your NGO – exercise,
  • Articulate learnings you can share with your colleagues and supervisors – exercise.

This action-packed session is low on theory and high on practice. You will come away with a better understanding and appreciation of how you can be effective as a leader at work, a leader in your organization and a leader in your own life.

Who should attend:

This session is for those who want to take time to reflect and consider ‘how to get things done‘, especially:

  • Those in leadership positions;
  • Those who aspire to be in leadership positions;
  • Those who want to be better leaders;
  • Those who want their leaders to be better leaders;
  • Those who aspire to grow in their current positions.

It is about how to lead people and lead projects, in a manner that not only takes care of the tasks but also takes care of the people.

Masterclass Tony Myers and Konstantina Papadimitriou

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