Networking For Those Who Hate Networking

Fundraising is all about building relationships. It involves human interactions, courageous communications and sometimes, effective negotiations. But being out there is not always easy; it comes with fear of rejection, and fear of interacting with people who are wiser, older, and stronger. Fundraisers may find themselves in stressful situations and some are even discouraged to continue, mainly when expectations to perform raise additional pressure. But we all know that the safety of our desks does not bring money into the organization. So, how can we overcome networking challenges and the fear of exposure? How can we stand with confidence on any occasion and be able to maintain control? This session guides you on how to build self-resilience while enjoying the journey of building real, human relationships with your donors, with authenticity and kindness.

Learning outcomes:

  • How to build genuine relationships with your donors,
  • How to deal with challenging situations and maintain self-control,
  • How to prepare for donor meetings,
  • How to boost your confidence.

Who should attend:

  • Major donor fundraisers,
  • Development officers & managers,
  • Young fundraisers looking to build a network.

Fundraising from the few Getting your message across
Location: Date: 14 October 2022 Time: 09:00 - 10:30 Konstantina Papadimitriou
Inuksuk Consulting (GR)