PLENARY: Igniting Disruptive Fundraising Innovation!

The need for transformation based on disruption has emerged in response to a profound change in how we understand the role of fundraising within the new ecosystem of the technological revolution, the climate crisis, and the reordering of society after the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you looking to generate disruptive innovation?

Marcelo introduces the experimental and original methodology, “Irrational Planning,” in a performative talk designed to achieve disruption and create fundraising prototypes in a short period of time.

Irrational Planning involves letting go of logical and linear thinking. To achieve this, one must open the imagination to stimuli that trigger new associations and unexpected connections. The basis is to allow extreme divergence without limits.

Learning outcomes:

This talk will trigger reflections such as:

  • What is a disruption in fundraising and NGOs?
  • What experimental methodologies can we use?
  • Can “Irrational Planning” help achieve it?
  • What ideas can we generate together?

Rethinking strategy
Location: Date: 17/10/2024 Time: - Marcelo Iñarra
Fundraising Consultant (AR)