PLENARY: Memory Failure – Why Do Donors Not Remember What We Tell Them?

I have carried out global research into:

  • Channels used by supporters and prospects;
  • What they like in design (typeface, colours, content etc.);
  • Which channels for communications they like and dislike: paper versus electronic, film, social media, internet, events etc.);
  • What they remember/recall and what they do NOT (scary results);
  • How can you help readers remember what you have said!?

This research was done because of the APPALLING lack of recall of all fundraising communications in every country I visit. It results in a lack of engagement at a time when donors are “babyboomers” who are intelligent thoughtful donors who remain ignorant of outcomes of the work done by “their charity”.

Forget giving them the answers – ask them questions. Questions are the answer! How much will you remember from this conference this time next week?

Learning outcomes:

  • To ensure all stakeholders (donors volunteers and others) remember your communications and develop their passion.

Getting your message across
Location: Date: 10 October 2019 Time: 09:00 - 10:30 Richard Radcliffe
Radcliffe Consulting (GB)