Story Mapping

We’ll look at a case study of story mapping work at Greenpeace International – a pirate communications exercise that shifted internal culture and external strategy, resulting in a set of “7 shifts” – navigational points that eventually found their way into the organisation’s ten-year strategy. And we’ll see how a story can turn the usually excruciating process of talking about mission or organisational change into a passionate, purpose-driven prospect that can actually be fun.

We’ll learn how to break an organisational or campaign story into a set of values – a moral – and a set of simple story elements that fit a timeless and easily understood story arc. And we’ll talk about how a simplified organisational or campaign story can help orient staff, shape strategy, and open up extremely useful conversations about how to tell and live the most powerful story you can.

Learning outcomes:

  • A wider perspective on how story can shape strategy and organisational culture;
  • Tips and tricks for driving organisational change and communications clarity through story;
  • Story Mapping technique – a Swiss Army Knife in any fundraiser’s toolkit;

Who should attend:

  • Captains: Senior Management, Fundraising and Communications leaders who want to streamline sign-off & creative processes and get a silo-ed organisation on the same page;
  • Pirates: Staff on the fringe of organisational decision-making who want to tell better stories and leverage story for organisational change;
  • Story Tellers: Anyone interested in how story shapes behaviour and communicates values.

Getting your message across
Location: Date: 10 October 2019 Time: - Brian Fitzgerald
Dancing Fox (NL)