The Playground Of Organisational Effectiveness

Using the playground as a metaphor for a non-profit organisation, this workshop will take you on a journey to renovate its 14 stations, each representing an important focus area in an organisation’s management. Step-by-step in a playful, cheerful way, participants will learn which areas are functioning well in their own organisations and which are in need of further, more in-depth attention.

The stations of the playground – the areas the workshop will cover – are the climbing wall (your mission), the spring rocker (legislation), the sandbox (creativity), the train (content and programmes), hopscotch (budgeting), the roundabout (human resource management), the slide (education and training), the seesaw (public relations), the wobbly log bridge (fundraising), the trampoline (competition), the chin-up bar (time and energy management), the bench (board management), the drinking fountain (basic needs of employees and volunteers), and the trash can (ethics).

The renovation of each station will conclude with three simple tips to help improve that area and, as a consequence, make the whole organisation more effective. The workshop will draw on theatre techniques and non-verbal memes that nudge you to think about your own ways of doing things and get motivated.

From the experience of Slovene attendees and readers of the handbook, I see that the fresh leaders-to-be see it as the reference book containing essential aspects of establishing and running an NGO. Meanwhile, senior managers describe it as a playful and amusing new perspective on a serious topic.

Learning outcomes:

  • 42 simple but essential tips about non-profit management,
  • Important but often forgotten factors (e.g. board management, ethics),
  • A model that can be helpful or just an idea; a suggestion that can be accepted, adopted, or simply forgotten. You decide.

Who should attend:

  • Open-minded and creative leaders.


Leading and managing
Location: Date: 13 October 2022 Time: 15:30 - 17:00 Livija Rojc Štremfelj
Educator (SI)