The Purpose Revolution – How Purpose Drives Performance In Your People

  • Key concepts associated with the purpose revolution and why they are important paradigm shifts in fundraising practice in our current global context.
  • How Purpose is defined and why the purpose-focused strategy is likely to succeed for an organisation and its stakeholders.
  • How current economic models are not addressing current socio-economic challenges and new approaches, tools and methods are needed to inspire ideas and guide decisions for fundraising strategy and execution

Learning outcomes:

  • Familiarity with the key concepts and context of the purpose economy.
  • Applying and integrating new concepts related to the purpose economy to revise approaches and practices in organisational management and team development.
  • Critically evaluating strategic planning and programme design within the context of the purpose revolution, utilizing key concepts as a communication tool to inspire leaders and teams.
  • Selecting key concepts to determine appropriate tools and methods, such as developing an impact measurement framework, to assess performance against objectives and facilitate continuous improvement.

Who should attend:

  • Leaders of teams, whether they are in strategic, operational, or tactical roles.

Suggested level of audience:

The session will be suitable for intermediate to advanced attendees, with the most relevance for those who hold leadership positions within teams.

Leading and managing Rethinking strategy
Location: Date: 12/10/2023 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 Colin Habberton
Relativ Group (ZA)