A Smart Approach To Evaluating Your Fundraising Performance And Reaching Your Growth Objectives!

This workshop will give you a detailed guide on how to evaluate your fundraising performance, with a particular look at individual giving, and the internal and external factors that you should and should NOT consider. Before you can achieve real growth, you have to make sure you have the basics right, but it is not always clear what those basics should be or how to evaluate them!

Emily has worked with leaders of both struggling and growing fundraising programmes in over 30 markets and has clear evaluation criteria for finding out where challenges to growth lie and how to overcome them. This session will be based on insightful examples from around the world and will give you a step-by-step process to evaluate your own programme to achieve sustained growth.

Learning outcomes:

Participants in this workshop will gain:

  • Tools to use in assessing overall fundraising performance and specifically individual giving activities,
  • Practical ways to evaluate your fundraising programme in context of your market,
  • Insight on identifying internal obstacles to fundraising growth and practical tips on how to overcome them,
  • Clear real world examples of why different internal and external factors matter.

This workshop is mainly designed for:

  • Fundraising managers.

Rethinking strategy
Location: Date: 13 October 2016 Time: 13:00 - 14:30 foto_bracken Emily Bracken
Daryl Upsall & Associates (ES)