Fundraising Hip-Hop Free Style Contest

Recent success of a fundraising campaign organized in a Czech hip-hop community in support of education for kids from one Bangladesh slum – which we present to you to open this session – inspired us to organize an interactive fundraising hip-hop free style contest. This lively session to conclude the day promises to rock the venue and wake up all participants who dare to come and join us.

Learning outcomes:

  • Inspiration from a case study of a successful campaign from the fundraiser who organized it and the consultant who supported her.
  • Overload of ideas to advance your thinking about your case for support and your community fundraising.
  • In hip-hop terms: None, what-so-f*-ever, guaranteed!

This workshop is designed mainly for:

  • Daring participants who are bored stiff with the static conference format and sessions by this hour in the day.

Fundraising from the many