PLENARY: Fundraising Powered By Ideas: The Best Kept Secret

It was a mystery. No one discovered it. It’s been searched for on all continents.  And one day… the best-kept secret was revealed in a dream. How can you inspire ordinary people to cross the line of indifference when injustice knocks at the door? How can you move them when children are dying of hunger or when an oil spill pollutes the blue water of the sea?

The best kept secret has only five letters: Ideas.

Yes, it is ideas that move people to cross the line of indifference to action. They express their commitment to a cause through donations, or they sign a petition from a mobile phone or just hit the “enter” key, transferring funds to an unknown person on a crowdfunding site. It was just an idea that moved them to do it. To be part of this plenary is a good idea. Don’t lose your chance.

Learning outcomes

  • Not too much. Our idea is to raise a lot of questions in your mind.

This plenary is only designed for:

  • Fundraisers that love dancing and/or singing!
    If you are not open minded, this plenary is not for you, there is a great coffee house in another part of the venue.


Fundraising from the many
Location: Date: 16 October 2015 Time: 13:00 - 13:45 logo_iniarra_220_220 Marcelo Iniarra (ARG)