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Marcelo Iniarra Iraegui is an innovative marketing professional and activist with over 25 years of experience working in the non-profit sector. He is now leading his own international creative consultancy – www.marceloiniarra.com – providing advice and inspiration to organisations all over the world such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace International, Unicef, UNHCR, SOS Children Villages, MSF, WWF and many others. He is the former Fundraising & Campaign Innovation Manager for Greenpeace International, where he obtained a reputation for being one of the international pioneers of online fundraising and campaigning. Marcelo is already causing a stir in the sector as an independent player, fuelling the fire of social innovation.

“Why must we always do things in the same way,” he asks. “I work with my clients to try different ways to achieve social involvement in the NGO sector… boosting my strategies with creativity and innovation.”

His workshops and conference presentations, described by participants as “thrilling”, focus on innovative aspects of digital campaigning and fundraising as a means through which to achieve public motivation to act for social causes.

A highly coveted lecturer in his field, Marcelo is a popular keynote speaker at conferences all over the world.

Further evidence of his “off the wall” approach can be found in his publications “The Hidden Gate to the Pyramid” (Internet Management for Non Profits), “Your Organisation in the Donor’s Pocket” (People to People Fundraising), “Non-profit Internet Strategies” and “Globarity” (Global Giving).

He is co-founder of the digital agency www.chaxcha.com and  the news portal www.clubdefundraising.com.


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