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Transforming Philanthropy (US)

Kay understands the challenges of 21st century philanthropy as well as its opportunities, and brings her experience from working with countless nonprofit organizations to bear on the current issues affecting donor development, fund raising, outreach, message strategy and volunteerism. As principal of her own organization since 1989, her clients include public media, hospitals, universities, arts and cultural organizations, environment and social justice organizations, churches and education, as well as community-based services. A sampling of her recent clients (2013 – 2016) includes KQED; Oregon Public Broadcasting; Sustainable Conservation; Djerassi Resident Artists Program; Book Club of California; National AIDS Memorial; Wichita (KS) Symphony; Los Angeles Philharmonic; African-American Shakespeare Company; Barter Theatre; Fistula Foundation; Population Action International; Futures Without Violence; and others. A goal of her consulting is to mentor and strengthen leaders within organizations to grow their success while achieving their immediate goals.

In 2015 she participated as a keynote speaker and workshop leader in conferences in Australia, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Canada and Poland. In 2016 she will speak at professional gatherings in The Netherlands and Slovakia as well as at numerous conferences across the United States. Her BA and MA are from Stanford University, where she is a recipient of their highest award for volunteer service, The Gold Spike, as well as their Centennial Medal, Outstanding Achievement Award, Award of Merit and Associates Award. In 2013, she was awarded the Henry A. Rosso Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Ethical Fund Raising by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University. The Rosso Medal recognizes lifelong dedication to emphasizing philanthropy’s ethics and values, acting as a mentor to perpetuate and invigorate philanthropic traditions, and noted leadership in a long, productive career of distinction.

She is the author of seven books related to philanthropic practices and board engagement: Beyond Fund Raising (1997 and 2005, Wiley); High Impact Philanthropy (2001, co-author Alan Wendroff, Wiley); Over Goal! (2005, Emerson & Church); The Ultimate Board Member’s Book, (Third Edition, Revised 2013, Emerson & Church); Fund Raising Mistakes That Bedevil All Boards (Revised 2009, Emerson & Church); The AAA Way to Fundraising Success: Maximizing Involvement, Maximizing Results, (2009, Whit Press of Seattle and Jackson Hole); The Busy Volunteer’s Guide to Fundraising (2016, Emerson & Church).

She serves on the Advisory Board of the Czech Fundraising Center, Prague, Czech Republic, and the governing board of Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, San Francisco.

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