• A wonderful conference. It was simply amazing! The best speakers and fantastic audience. I must say I made a great benchmarking for our own Brazilian conference next year. Wow!
    João Paulo Vergueiro, ABCR (BR)



  • First of all well done for the conference. I thought it was really excellent. Well organised, knowledgeable speakers, positive atmosphere. A wonderful event.
    Carl W Drexler (DE)



  • Thank you and the whole team for this wonderful and useful conference. I’m glad that finally I could attend this event because I’ve heard good experiences from friends and colleagues already.
    Kun Zsuzsanna, Energiaklub (HU)



  • I think you guys are doing an amazing job for this industry, inspiring and connecting fundraisers, truly great, changing the world.
    Arko Hoondert, PeerWorks (NL)



  • I returned today to work and my desk with new ideas, energy and different starting points to deal with certain issues better than before. Thank you for the perfect organization and – of course – this unique and amazing party;)! I enjoyed the whole conference a lot!
    Sonja Illetschko, ROTE NASEN Clowndoctors (AT)



  • It was wonderful, and you’re well prepared, organized, good speakers… Hats off and I appreciate the fact that I could be a part of it this year. Well, I’m looking forward to the next year!
    Lukáš Hejna, Sdružení VIA (CZ)



  • Thank you again for such a great conference! I will for sure participate next year again.
    Erik A. Bjørnsen, Aidbuilder ApS (DK)



  • Thank you so much for making our conference experience extraordinarily good.
    Ana Koeshall, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation (RS)



  • I enjoyed the CEE Conference immensely — you and your team always do such good work!
    Eva Aldrich, CFRE International (US)



  • Some really good speakers. Awesome food! Good music at the party. Really nice people.
    Anja Rupret, Transparency International Slovenia (SI)



  • I want to again thank you for a great conference, it was excellent. Also, I was thinking about some constructive criticism, but nothing, nothing … really perfect. From public speakers up to catering.
    Barbora Orlíková, ERSTE Stiftung (SK/AT)


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