MASTERCLASS: Fundraising Feasibility Study

Fundraising Feasibility Study (FFS) is an essential part of any major gift campaign. This structured qualitative research process provides answers to several fundamental questions: Do you have a campaign that can be successful? How do donors perceive your organisation, your mission, and your programmes? Will donors support your vision of change and your initiative? Who will support and by how much? Is our financial target realistic? Will volunteers help you with the campaign once you get started?

This masterclass will walk you in detail through the entire testing process – from case for support development and design, prospect list and gift range chart building to data collection, analysis, and decision-making based on findings.

Both Jan and Jiri have been directly involved in conducting over a dozen fundraising feasibility studies in five countries across Europe, so this masterclass will be packed with practical examples as well as interactive and engaging work for participants.

Learning outcomes:

  • What is a fundraising feasibility study (FFS) and why is it a great tool?
  • How do you design and write your case for support?
  • How do you build your campaign prospect list? How long does it need to be? Who needs to be there?
  • What is a gift range chart, how do you build one, and why is it important?
  • What is the process of an FFS, what do you want to ask, how do you organise it, how do you implement it, and what outcomes can you expect?

Who should attend:

  • CEOs,
  • Development Directors,
  • Major Donor Fundraisers, and all those considering a major donor campaign.

Suggested level of audience:

  • Very experienced fundraisers/leaders.

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