The 10 Success Factors In Fundraising – Tapping Into Fundraising Potential In Your Organisation

In an ever-changing philanthropic landscape, nonprofit organisations face increasing pressure to secure funding to support their missions and programmes. However, navigating the complexities of fundraising requires more than just enthusiasm and dedication—it demands a strategic approach informed by a thorough understanding of key success factors.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key success factors that contribute to fundraising effectiveness.
  • Learn how to assess your organisation’s readiness and identify priorities and areas for improvement.
  • Gain a clear view of changes and adjustments that can be made to maximise the fundraising potential in your organisation.

Who should attend:

This session is ideal for nonprofit leaders, board members, fundraising professionals, and anyone involved in planning or executing fundraising activities within their organisation.

Suggested level of audience:

  • Intermediate fundraisers/leaders.

Rethinking strategy
Location: Date: 17/10/2024 Time: - Konstantina Papadimitriou
Inuksuk Consulting (GR)