Tony Myers
Myers & Associates (CA)

Tony is a passionate enthusiast, fundraiser, consultant, strategist, author, speaker, and coach who has acquired a lifetime of experience working with leaders on six continents in organizations large and small that are undergoing change. His lifetime achievement includes working with teams of leaders and fundraisers to help raise over $500 million.

His expertise lies in helping leaders around the world realize their vision and mission. He is internationally recognized for his ability to mould strategic direction, bring about change, develop revenue generation plans and successfully launch and complete major fundraising programmes and campaigns. Tony’s work with the Presidents of two major international universities, and numerous non-profit organizations, has gained him an international reputation for making a difference.

Tony’s approach in all that he does is to listen first, to seek deep understanding, to identify challenges and then together find a way to meet challenges head-on. He draws from his experience in setting up four charitable foundations across Canada. Tony walks the talk. His involvement in the non-profit sector includes service on several boards, including the CFRE International Board of Directors, Washington D.C., the Association of Fundraising Professionals, CentrePoint for Non-profit Management, the Kelsey Institute Foundation, the ASTech Foundation, Public Legal Information Services, Sustainable Calgary, and other non-profit organizations in Canada and beyond.

As an international consultant, Tony brings passion, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, experience and knowledge to his work with leaders and fundraisers. And he is the first to tell you that he loves his job and says he doesn’t really work, he just gets up every morning and goes to “joy”.

Tony and his wife Erna live in Edmonton, Alberta where they spend valuable time with their three adult children and five grandchildren.

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