Petra Joklová
CRM For Non-Profits (CZ)

Petra is an experienced consultant in the realm of CRM system implementation for non-profit organisations. With a focus on Salesforce, the world’s most renowned and impactful relationship management tool for non-profits, Petra brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her proficiency spans fundraising, project management, and financial oversight.

Drawing from her extensive background, Petra has been at the helm of CRM for NGOs since 2013. Under her leadership, this non-governmental organisation has been dedicated to assisting non-profits in the adoption of Salesforce, leveraging the power of volunteers to drive impactful change.

Petra’s passion for engaging with people shines through in her work. She excels in active listening and possesses a unique ability to comprehend the needs and challenges faced by organisations and individuals. Petra firmly believes in the symbiotic relationship between technology and humanity. She maintains that technology serves as a powerful tool in enhancing the effectiveness of human endeavours.

Join Petra to benefit from her rich insights and experience as she leads us on a journey through the process of CRM system adoption and its transformative impact on non-profit entities.

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