Willeke van Rijn
The Resource Alliance (GB)

An experienced resource development manager in the nonprofit sector, with excellent strategic, international, financial, and people skills, Willeke previously led the Strategy and Analysis team at SOS Children’s Villages, the world’s largest charity focused on providing a loving home for children everywhere.

Willeke was formerly a consultant for FUNDES in Mexico, where she provided guidance on research as well as strategic recommendations on an innovative online capacity-building platform for micro and small enterprises in emerging markets. Prior to that, she spent 13 years at OXFAM as a global fundraising strategy advisor for affiliates around the world, including Mexico, India, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, where she provided strategic fundraising oversight; R&D of new fundraising markets and channels; and entry, set-up, and market development of new fundraising departments and personnel from idea to execution.

Following a term as a board member, Willeke joined the Resource Alliance as CEO in March 2022. The Resource Alliance brings together a global community of fundraisers, campaigners and activists and connects them with innovative thinking, best practices and collaborative networks. We exist to strengthen the social impact sector by ensuring it can access the resources necessary to enable just, equitable, inclusive and sustainable societies.

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